Magic de-megapixelling of cameras

My camera has an amazing magical property: when I give it away, it loses half of its pixels. It's true! Somehow, the resulting photos contain half the pixel rating of the camera.

Can anyone guess why?

old photo from july, 2001

That's right! When I give my camera away, it magically forces the user to center people's heads! It's true! I've seen it happen too many times for it to be coincidence.

And since there's no way I can allow a centered head to be posted on my site (other than in entries mocking centered heads), so I have to crop out 1/2 the frame. See? Just lost 1/2 of the pixels. Magic.

Stop centering heads, people! Please!

(And thank you for taking photos of me when I give you my camera. I really appreciate it. :)