Adam Tow and Rae Chang: Wedding Photos

Adam and Rae like to do this wonder twins thing... Speaking of special weddings, Adam Tow and Rae Chang were officially wed at SF City Hall on June 1, 2005, where I photographed them with Ex-Mayor Willie Brown, who happened to be walking around the premises. Adam and Rae had a very cool-looking judge marry them, and outside, a protest raged on against our wonderful governor -- which Rae promptly jumped into upon walking outside. (I can still hear Adam protesting: "Look! There are police. I don't want to go to the slammer! :)

On June 19th, Adam and Rae had their public wedding ceremony, which was attended by 200 relatives (!) and 100 friends. They really put a lot of work in the wedding. Tables were character-themed (e.g. Xena, Alien, Simpsons, etc.), and at each seat was a photograph in a small, silver frame, of its intended inhabitant. Adam and Rae also put together a pre-ceremony art show in the common area of the Quinlan Community Center, which featured their creative wedding invitations and old photographs of family members. Best of all, there was a JABBA CAKE, complete with a thick, wormy, chocolate tail. We ate Jabba, and he was yummy. I sat at a table with Vienna Teng, Jim Batcho, Felicia Sze, Steven Kam, Alisa Wong, Anne Lau, and Rod Saito.

The next morning we (Adam, Rae, Alisa, Petrice, and I) drove down the coastline a bit and had drinks and a snack at the Moss Beach Distillery.

Adam has posted an official wedding photos page on his site.

You can see the entire photo collection from the various Tow/Chang wedding events, if you know the password. (If you feel you should have access, contact me or Adam.) But if you don't have access, you can see some of them here: