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Jeremy Henrickson's Annual Chili Cook-in

Me, with Cindy My friend and graduate-school roommate Jeremy Henrickson threw a big, chili cook-in yesterday. I didn't actually get to eat any of the chili because I had just stuffed myself with Japanese food, but it smelled good. :)

Jeremy's parties are always a lot of fun because he brings in so many people from different social circles. I think the most common response I received to the question, "so... how do you know Jeremy?" was "my friend met him at a party a couple of years ago..."

I arrived a bit late, but ended up being the last one to leave. And today, my body finally decided that I had been pushing it too hard. I woke up at 2:30pm, and still felt like crap. :)

You can purchase prints and download large versions of photos by clicking on the "buy prints from this gallery" link, below. Adam Tow posted some images, too.

Oh, and for those of you who were interested in my non-party photography, you can check out some of it on my travel page.