Evening with Geoff and the [name removed] Quartet

I ... don't ... feel so well (reference, anyone?). I've been almost utterly unproductive all day, having spent hours upon hours fighting with a server migration instead of doing work that clearly has to be done. Luckily, Vienna came over and rescued me; we went to Koryo for some late-night sushi before we parted ways (she, to the studio, and I, back home...). Geoff's speciality is inundating guests with drinks: Miguel, Emily, and Geoff

Geoff Nuttall invited me over last night for an evening of chili, guacamole, margaritas, and wine with the [name removed] Quartet and associated branches of the [name removed] family (Emily, Andrew, Caroline, Miguel, and Anna). Those of you who know Geoff know that he is crazy about all things extreme -- especially when food is involved. The guacamole, chili, margaritas, and creatively mixed drinks were all awesome.

Actually, I should take a moment to relate an anecdote about Geoff. Last weekend while we were up in Sonoma, I spotted a bag of chips at a food store in the Petaluma Outlet Mall. I looked at Warren and said, "Oh my god. I have to get this for Geoff." The bag itself was jet black, with lots of red lettering on it, and printed on it was a chili meter that went to the very top. :) Later on that day, Chee-Yun delivered the bag to Geoff, who promptly ate the entire thing, after realizing that it was way to spicy for anyone else to want any of it. After finishing the bag, Geoff decided to go for a run -- and unfortunately, a horrible run was what he got. Apparently, combining a bag of ultra-spicy potato chips with a run is a good way to make you feel like dying. :)

Anyway, back to the [name removed]. I didn't get to spend any time with them during the festival earlier this month, and it was great fun getting to know them. A [name removed] epiphyte, I latched on and tried to absorb what I could of their incredible knowledge of all things baroque. But mostly, I just got drunk and let it fly over my head -- appreciatively, of course.

They (all but I, I mean) are also incredibly knowledgeable about jazz, and other types of music. The first thing the [name removed] did when they walked in the door was to put in a CD track of an anonymous passacaglia from the 17th century, which they had been listening to on repeat for who knows how long. The damn thing is still stuck in my head! :)

Our musical evening was interrupted by several events:

1) Geoff took out the clippers and cut all my hair off. Despite how it may have looked, my shearing was planned in advance and had nothing to do with intoxication.

2) We discovered that Miguel and Anna both know my ex-girlfriend, and spent some time wowing about how small the world is. How my ex-girlfriend's name came up during conversation is sort of a mystery.

3) Dance Dance Revolution, and sucking at it. Everyone seemed to be DDR neophytes. I didn't play.

4) A velociraptor, and relative chaos when I was told that I should photograph it and post photos on the web.

The [name removed] Quartet performed Haydn in Sonoma last week, and opened tonight for a baroque festival in Belvedere (insert high-brow, pseudo-British, "auommmph" noises here). I wish I could have been there.

Anyway, I hope I can get some sleep and wake up feeling productive. Actually, I don't have much of a choice. I *have* to be productive, tomorrow.