I hate computers, take infinity

Intermittent, crippling, computer-hardware failures + 45 days out of warranty + multiple deadlines + imminent departure for foreign countries = shitload of cash out of wallet + craploads of time + elevated blood pressure + no sleep.


thank god for american express buyer's assurance and thinkpad world. AMEX warranty extension + overnight, Sat delivery from thinkpad world, and in theory, by tuesday i'll be on a flight with a new computer, while the old one is on its way to repair diagnostics. i feel bad the the repair folk. *i* can't even reproduce the problem, but i've narrowed it down to the problem not being a software issue, which helps.

looks like i'll have two thinkpads, when i return from travels.

*UPDATE 22:28 SAT, JUL 16* Well, it's one days later, and I'm back in business. Looks like it takes me about 10 hours to set up a new, primary system, including all application install and migration of data. I have to wait until tomorrow or Monday to call in activations for a few products (online activation is failing), and I'll be all set.

What a pain in the ass.