Back from Papua New Guinea

Well, I'm back from Papua New Guinea. My luggage seems to be missing due to a power outage at the Port Moresby airport, but I suppose that's not such a big deal. I'm told that I'll get it, eventually. I think it's in New Zealand, at the moment.

Aside from various groups of obnoxious, right-winged, American retirees, I met some really interesting people while in PNG. Specifically, I met the creator of Silk Soy Milk, the ex-CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment, a well-known Japanese linguist, a BBC cameraman filming for their upcoming Planet Earth, and a photographer shooting for Canon's upcoming release of the 5D and new 1D (he allowed me to play with the unreleased Canon 5D and 24-105 USM IS f4L lens -- very exciting!). The CEO of Halliburton was up in Ambua with the Oil Search guys, checking out natural gas sites, and the governor of the PNG Southern Highlands region showed up unannounced with his entourage of automatic weapon toting guards. There were also quite a few people without fancy titles whose company I also enjoyed. I'll post more when the journal goes up.

Speaking of travel journals, I hope to have the PNG photos up, soon. However, I'm going to have to re-think the format of the journals, in general. I seem to be behind by at least 4, and they're not going to post themselves.

As usual, a cheerful (and today, sporty!) Vienna picked me up from the airport, and I hung out with Geoff and Livia in the evening for dinner. I always seem to return from trips just as they are leaving town, but at least we sometimes have that single day of overlap. :)