PBS, Wed evening

This is a little weird, but did anyone happen to see me on PBS last night? Benjamin said that he saw a close-up of me playing the cello in some feature about the St. Lawrence String Quartet, and that the music being played was Dvorak Quintet (which definitely wasn't what I was playing, but is something the SLSQ play quite often). He said that it was during the 7-8pm hour before Victor Borge, which would mean that it was aired on Spark, a show I've never seen.

Speaking of PBS, Vienna was on PBS while I was away in Papua New Guinea (I always know when she is on TV because people call and e-mail me whenever they see her on the tube). And den, that same PBS audience went to see her experimental show at the Independent with The Animators. hehehe. funny.

I'm having a hell of a time catching up:

- on phone for hours
- bought groceries for a week
- bought hammer drill and laser leveler
- bought bulk toiletries
- bought travel router (the networking kind)
- still waiting for luggage to arrive
- inbox has 434 messages in it (347 unread)
- saw The Constant Gardener last night
- bought CD and DVD media (they go fast!)
- process/deliver images and interview for various publications

there. now this entry is complete, à la entries found in stupid blogs i hate to read.