Sport Diver Photo Annual, Sep 2005

sport diver cover

I have the cover + some images in this month's Sport Diver Magazine. Check it out at your local bookstore, if you are interested! Many thanks to all of you who voted for the turtle in the Sport Diver poll back in July.

Some history of the turtle: I was out in West Palm beach before a Bahamas shark trip in February, 2003. The little guy is a juvenile Caretta caretta loggerhead turtle rescued from a nest (unable to get out by itself) and studied by the Marinelife Center of Juno Beach before being released into the wild by my good friend, Jim Abernethy. I was a lucky participant in its release, and followed the little guy around with a camera for a little while before watching him swim off. Experts have suggested that the turtle may have mistaken my dome port for a jellyfish, which may explain the "I'm gonna eat you!" open-mouthed expression. :)