SLSQ, FLUX, and Kirk Hammett

Stephen Prutsman and Vienna Teng and Herbst Tonight I went to see the SLSQ perform at Herbst Theater with FLUX and Metallica's Kirk Hammett. It was a very interesting program and crowd: fancy, concert attire mixed with heavy metal t-shirts, long hair, and a bunch of SFSU students (who had free tickets). The first half featured Ozzie's Last Round and Dvorak's American String Quartet, which the SLSQ did an amazing job of performing. It was the best I have ever heard the American quartet performed. I sometimes forget that my friends are such amazing musicians!

The second half, however, was much stranger. The music was avant garde to the point of total confusion, and while I appreciated the creative efforts of FLUX and Mr. Hammett, I found the music to be unrewarding. It was not unlike the output of a Japanese noise band we once discovered on accident in the Castro one evening. Livia passed me a note during the last piece (amplified string quartet + electric guitar + acoustic guitar) that read, "when they are done, they are going to close the doors and eat us." That isn't going to make sense unless you were there, but somehow it totally captured the moment.

Vienna (dressed up!), Geoff, Livia (showing impressive cleavage), Stevie (crazy genius, as usual), Jay (I've missed his accent!), the FLUX quartet, a few others, and I went to Absinthe afterwards for a quick drink and snacks. The performing arts garage closes at midnight, and Vienna and I finally ran in at 11:59pm just as they were about to close the gate. Stupid garage.

Why does San Francisco make it so difficult for East Bay folk? The BART stops running at around midnight (lame), and if you try to drive home at say, 12:45am, Bay Bridge construction can make the commute a living hell. Tonight, it took me nearly 3 hours to get from from the 4th Street exit on 101 North (where we were forced off in a detour) to the Bay Bridge. It's now 3:30am, and I just walked through the goddam door. The civil engineers who rigged up tonight's absolutely moronic traffic flow should be punished. Now I'm afraid to stay in San Francisco past midnight.