NEC-3500A DVD+-R and Ritek 16X media

Computers are frustrating. I ran out of DVD-R media and went straight to Meritline to purchase a 100-Pack Genuine Ritek RiData Super Grade 16X DVD-R (Silver Matte) Blank Media 4.7GB (DRD-4716-RDCB501). My IBM Thinkpad burns it just fine, but my Dell with NEC-3500A DVD+-RW drive refused to use it as blank media. Turns out that I had to update the firmware. I chose this one:

2.FC_QV3ME.rar - NEC 2.FC Quikee V3 Milestone Extreme, bitsetting support for SL DVD+R and DVD+R9, RPC1 & Riplock Removed

It works just fine, but Nero (and the specific firmware version) will only burn the Ritek 16X media at 12X (good enough, for now). Does anyone out there know the best firmware for the NEC-3500A? I want something reliable, up-to-date, and region-free. I also would love DVD overburn.

By the way, if you're looking for inexpensive DVD+-RW drives, you can often get them for under $50 from newegg. I love newegg.