My schedule has flipped by 12 hours a few times in the last week. I came back from Taiwan on the 14th and was picked up from the airport by Livia. Went over to their house for a yummy dinner cooked by her and Geoff, drank some wine, went to sleep at their place at 1:30am, and was wide awake by 4:30am. Argh. Worked on a deadline the next day and then went to the concert I described in the last entry. Afterwards, was stuck on the bridge for a few hours, and finally got to bed at 4:30am or so.

Hung out with Victor A. on Friday, which was really nice, although I felt guilty that I didn't get much work done. But I think I needed the time to just relax geek out on media stuff. Unfortunately, as a result of our collaboration, my place is going to have 15 speakers in it: 2 x 5.1 systems + the existing 2.1 on my desk. How is it possible to have so many speakers in a single room? Again, went to bed at 4am after chatting with my mother on Skype.

Today, I woke up to the phone ringing. I was very confused, because my clock said something about it being five o'clock. Surely, Sarah would not be calling at 5 in the morning, right? And why was it so bright?! Eventually, I figured out that it was actually 5pm, and that I had been asleep for 13 hours. I suppose I needed the rest. We went to see 2046 tonight at the Landmark in Berkeley. Great movie for just sitting there and soaking it all in.