Luciana Souza @ Yoshi's

Geoff, Luciana, and Livia (we all played in Osvaldo Golijov's Passion) -- Luciana was one of the soloists. Luciana Souza is amazing. We (Geoff, Livia, Vienna, Jim, Roy, Jay, Brandi, and I) went to Yoshi's last night to hear her last set. I'm no expert when it comes to Brazilian-influenced jazz, but I was really impressed with the purity of her voice and her ability to use her voice as an instrument (rapid-fire! perfect intonation!). Romero, her guitarist, was amazing as well. Jim kept saying that it looked as if his fingers had evolved in response to being used to play the guitar.

Luciana was one of the soloists in Osvaldo Golijov's La Pasion Segun San Marcos, which we toured as part of the West Coast premiere in 2002.

It was good to see Jay. He's here singing in John Adams' Doctor Atomic, and had invited me to go see the dress rehearsal tonight. I had planned to go, but I am a total wreck. By the way, if you have never seen Jay's website, you should go check out some of his stories. They're funny.

Also in this set of photos: accompanying a shopping trip for girly things with Vienna and Livia, and Livia's awesome Korean food.