Peter's surprise birthday party, New York

Karine and Peter, red Peter was really surprised when he walked into the the upstairs dining area at En Japanese Brasserie. (part of his response was: "there are, like, people from California here!"). Karine spent weeks prior to their recent trip to Africa planning the surprise party, and Allon, Emile, Alvin, Jason and I all came in from out of town to join the NY locals for a crazy evening of celebration.

After a 4-hour dinner, we migrated to a club called Aer, in the meatpacking district. In general, I hate clubs, but the New York clubs really offend. Normally, layers upon layers of VIP-ness are thrown into your face, but we managed to avoid some of that by reserving table service for 20 and having a bunch of cute girls with us. Even though we had more women than men, we had problems getting eleven guys into the club. I think it required slipping cash to one of the bouncers.

I drank a lot, which is extremely unusual.

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