3 Tenors @ Silver Cloud

Paul Groves goes crazy on stage I gotta tell you: going out for karaoke with 3 tenors is a blast. Those guys can really sing. Paul opened with Roxanne (with Lucas singing backup). Afterwards, he was mobbed by Marina shawl girls, and the bouncer (who was quite a formidable karaoke guy as well) came over to say, "I've been working the door for five years, and I've *never* heard anything like that!"

Another highlight was Lucas singing Baby Got Back to a room that was 95% Caucasian (not uncommon, in the Marina, but strange for a city with such diversity). I'm told he sounds just like Sir Mix-A-Lot, who apparently is the guy who "sings" that song. (See? I learn a lot every time I go out! :). The opera guys also occasionally belted out verses during other songs, often louder than the amplified singers on stage. One of the sopranos in our group couldn't help herself and did some funky operatic accompaniments. Needless to say, it was a strange (and funny) evening.

So... what the hell is up with the Marina, shawls, and ugly-ass hats?

Earlier in the evening, Livia and I took Paul and Lena to have Thai food at Thep Phenom before they flew out on a late-evening flight to Hong Kong. I really like the food there, but I want to find more good Thai places in SF/Oakland. I often eat at Marni Thai, but I've also read that Jitlada Thai is good. Any recommendations?