IBM Thinkpad T42 and T41 BSOD, Freezing, etc.

I love Thinkpads, and swear by them. However, I've had a history of problems with them that I believe can only be hardware-related. My brand-new Thinkpad/Lenovo T42 has been having sporadic BSOD and freezing issues similar to what this guy is reporting. He reports that "it would freeze at random moments, shut down spontaneously and then fail to start up again, and sometimes not come on at all." Although my current T42 only has BSOD and random freezing problems, my old T41p had the EXACT problem the guy at TechnoTaste reported. When I sent it in for repair, I was told that they couldn't find anything wrong with my system. But I'm SURE that it's a hardware issue; having a machine refuse to even show the BIOS start screens is really bad. And given that I had the same problems with a brand-new installation of Windows XP SP2, I'm sure that it's not a software issue.

But what can I do? If I send it in and they can't reproduce the problem, I'm pretty much screwed. The only reason I have a T42 is because my T41p died 3 days before I had to leave for a photo trip. I still love the machine, but it's starting to get frustrating. If I can't keep it stable, I'm going to have to dump IBM.

*UPDATE* A link to someone else with the mysterious problem. This is *not* isolated to my machine. It's interesting that the person said that it was location-dependant, because I was so stumped that I started to think the same thing (when I'm on boats on the ocean, symptoms show up much more frequently). At least my T42 is only BDOD'ing, and not having the strange problem of not starting up again.

*UPDATE 12/30/05* Problem solved.