Web Log Analyzers

Anyone have suggestions for the best web log analyzer out there?

I'm currently using Webalizer; it's built-in to PLESK, but I've also been running it at home on my PC. I used to use AWStats as well, and I think I prefer that to Webalizer. Using Webalizer, analyzing 1GB of logs (about a week of Wetpixel logs) takes just over 7 hours on my 3Ghz system -- it barely uses any CPU, so I'm where the bottleneck is. Analyzing a month's worth of logs might take a full, 24 hours (!). That is really, really slow, but I'm willing to wait if the results are comprehensive...

*UPDATE* I tried out Sawmill, and it went through 6 months of logs in about 14 hours on my cheapie P4 3Ghz Dell (as opposed to 7 hours for 1 week's worth, using Webalizer). Pretty cool.