Denver w/Alex King and Rod Saito

Seared hamachi, Sushi Sasa Last month, I went out to Denver for a few days to work on a Wetpixel project with Alex King. The project isn't quite done yet, but I'm sure that after we finish, Alex will write up an in-depth entry on what we did.

I spent two evenings with my old friend, Rod Saito, who took me on a quick tour of Boulder one evening. Rod also treated me to dinner at Sushi Sasa, where we were babied by his friend (chef, and owner), Wayne Conwell. We had quite a sushi feast, and it was a real treat to find good Japanese food in Denver. Most sushi-lovers will be put-off by a non-Japanese chef, but Wayne was really fantastic.

I also met up briefly with the other Eric, and with Justin Kestler.