Comfort with discomfort?

I wonder if something is wrong with me.

Over the past few days I've had long "catch-up" telephone conversations with some of the friends in the Bay Area with whom I am the closest, and nearly all of the conversations were promptly followed by pangs of homesickness (or... friend-sickness?). After having developed close friendships, why would I take advantage of four months painstakingly planned without travel to uproot myself via a job in New York City?

I guess I'm sort of torn; I do have very good friends out here in New York, and the job (monkey coder) pays very well. Still, I can't help thinking that what I'm doing these days is not the best thing I could be doing for long-term friendships. Or, maybe I'm just extrapolating the feelings I'm having into the realm of relationships (or in my case, a total lack of them). Moving around a lot and only being home for a few days at a time isn't making things easy, and I'm afraid that I'm getting used to being alone.