Pigging out in Oakland

Lovely orange squid in Oakland's Chinatown Over the weekend, I headed back to San Francisco and Oakland for a series of food-gorging sessions, which doubled as opportunities to hang out with Bay Area friends.

Managed to pack in lunch at Sushi Maru (Sunnyvale), geek-out time with Adam and his new 30" Cinema Display, dinner at Ramblas (Mission District), brunch at Restaurant Peony (Oakland's Chinatown), a small show featuring Redstart's jewelry, prints by Rigel Stuhmiller (a very old friend of my sister's), and pastries by Karen Jao (who used to be my CS106a sectionee back at Stanfurd), a quick birthday celebration (with Beverly) at a bar in the Mission, and sub-par tapas at restaurant nearby.

I got to see something like 15 friends, and arrived back in New York after a red-eye on Monday morning feeling tired, but happy.