Thanksgiving in San Diego

Self-portrait in our yard For some reason, we always seem to end up at the outlet mall on Black Fridays. Aside from refusing to pay $3 for valet parking (which ended up costing us something like 20 minutes), the mall wasn't so bad. And because I'm a working stiff these days, it was a good opportunity to purchase attire suitable for work at a good discount. I'm extremely two-faced: half of my friends know me as a guy who is always in the water (they actually laugh when I tell them that I sometimes work at a desk), and the other half has never seen me in a swimsuit.

My father and sister cooked us a nice Thanksgiving meal, and Yvonne Wu came over to be our lone guest for the evening.

Not much else happened, really. Saw some friends, and slept a lot. Pretty much perfect, except that we all missed my mother, who will be back from Taiwan in December.