I woke up this morning and saw from the weather report that it was 34 degrees outside, raining, and snowing. I thought, "hey -- that's not so bad."

I'm adapting.

Yesterday, when the shoe shine guy came through our office, I happily shelled out $4 + tip to have my shoes turned into a nice, glossy black. Two weeks prior, I remember wondering what the hell was going on when Francis turned his shoes over. (But it didn't occur to me that last night's snow storm would make my shoe shine a waste of money.)

When walking to work today, I realized that none of the work shoes I own are suitable for the daily, 2-mile power-walk (1 mile each way). I oversupinate, so my older shoes are all wearing in a way that makes power-walking long distances hurt my shin muscles. It also means that my shoes don't last a very long time, because I always wear out the outsides of the soles, first. Luckily, I happened to walk by a shoe store, and 15 minutes later I walked out wearing new Mephistos that are comfortable, waterproof, and resolable (if that's a word).

Weird content on this here journal these days.