Verizon and Cingular both suck

It is possible for a wireless communications company to not suck?

I'm switching my Blackberry to Cingular so I can be international with it, but will remain with Verizon for voice. This involves getting new phones, and both Verizon and Cingular have totally botched the orders, requiring me to spend frustrating amounts of time talking with service reps. Some of them are nice, but all of them are telling me totally different things.

Cingular screwed up my shipping address not once, but twice. Just now, I called in to check on the Verizon order, and when I hung up, I promptly received an e-mail receipt claiming that I had just ordered a (second) phone (for a different price, even). The two, identical phones I supposedly ordered are on different systems, and neither side can access the order on the other side.

What. The. Hell.

The thing is, I wasn't surprised at all that the orders were messed up, as failure seems to be the norm in this industry. Quite an amazing celebration of incompetence, isn't it?

*UPDATE 12/29/05* After a few more calls, I finally managed to get Cingular to send me a Blackberry. It was amazing; it took 5 or so service folk to realize that their "verification" system for addresses was truncating half of my business address here in New York. Lame. And when I received the thing, the identification numbers on the Blackberry were wrong in their database. Can they do *anything* right?

*UPDATE 12/30/05* I had to call back yet again to get WAP added to my account on the backend. At least everything appears to be working now...