Shark fishing in Manta

dead thresher sharks

Shark finning articles are becoming more mainstream. The NY Times has an article about shark fishing in Manta, Ecuador, a location I have been to and documented as well. It�s a well-written article, but I find it strange that it focuses on a place where the entire shark is actually used. In a large market area on the beach itself, virtually every piece of the sharks pulled up are sold to locals as inexpensive meat. Where are the mainstream articles that document shark-finning proper, where the live carcasses are discarded?

By the way, I think it's funny that the article talked about Jackie Chan. While I was down there, a bunch of kids kept running up to me and chanting, "Jackie Chan! Jackie Chan!" I wanted to show them a bit of my own Jackie Chan, but their blood-smeared, knife-toting fathers were just around the corner.