Western Digital drives keep failing

Well, I lost another Western Digital drive today. It just kept clicking: *click* *click* *click*

I stopped buying WD drives awhile ago, but I'm still having fallout from those that are still active in the multiple machines I require in a life as digitally-oriented as mine is. I'm pretty sure that my WD drive-failure rate is at least 50%.

I will say, however, that if your dive fails, WD makes it really easy to get a replacement shipped to you. You just type in your serial number, and another one is on its way! It's almost as if it was a natural part of their product life-cycle...

Anyway, I just wanted to state again that I will definitely never buy another Western Digital drive.

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One of my friends once accused me of having the most computer problems of anyone he knew. I'd like to point out that I have seven active machines at home, plus one machine in New York, and between all of them there are approximately 24 hard-disks spinning at all times. I also have two dedicated web servers that give me tons of headaches, despite having someone on-site to help with management.

Hardware fails. Computers suck.