Potluck in Oakland

Mandy and Elliot, in Oakland I was in Oakland during the weekend of January 7-8, and I paid dearly for my California experience. But it was worth it.

We had a nice potluck on Saturday night even though more than half of the invited folk couldn't make it. Earlier in the day, Elliot and Mandy came over for a nice, California brunch (ahhh, California -- how I miss it), and Vienna, Heidi, Marty, Bill, Geoff, Livia, Steven, Oliver, Melanie, Cindy, Mister Chris, and Dave trickled in around dinner time for an evening of food, wine, and good conversation.

On Sunday, I started to feel sick. I drove down to Mountain View to have ramen with Beverly, and by the end of my time with her I felt horrible. The SLSQ was doing a show with Rob Kapilow at Stanford, but instead, I bailed out and went home to rest. An' den, I flew back to New York on a redeye. It sucked.

I was supposed to be in Oakland this weekend as well, but I cancelled; my constitution is normally very good, but I've been pushing myself too hard.

Mind... scrambled... can't... think. Good night!

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Dave Patchen took many of the images below. I had to omit quite a few images because there was a definite "dave doesn't know where the focus button is" period...