Movado Hour, Part III

I finally managed to wrangle together some friends to go to a Movado Hour event! Pat, Peter, Karine, Jen, Claire and I managed to get six seats together to see Bella Davidovich, Dimitry Sitkovetsky, and Andres Diaz perform Tchaikovsky's Piano Trio Op. 50. It's a tough one for audiences, I think. I understand that the vast majority of the piece lives in theme and variation, but it just goes on and on and on. It would be hard for any group to make it compelling. After the show, we went to dinner at D'or Ahn, which I can only describe as specializing in "Korean-flavored food." We were served something that sounded like "veal feet" (mumble mumble), which we dismissed as being implausible before finding out that we had in fact just eaten veal feet.

The food is unique, but only fair in taste, and definitely not worth what we paid.

I forgot my camera. No photos for you.