Intelligence Test (sorta)

Take this test. In an hour and fifteen minutes or so, I scored 23, Peter scored 25, and Francis scored 26. In the end, we teamed up and scored 30. NO CHEATING! :) I gave myself 1 hour for part 2, and scored 15. An' den, Peter and I collaborated to score 18 before giving up (and going back to normally scheduled work).

Dammit -- these things make you want to work on them until you get them all! They also have the wonderful side-effect of making you feel stupid if you give up. I suppose the key to comparing yourself with others is to set a time limit and to have a controlled environment to ensure that no one cheats. :)

Highlight the rest of the entry after you've taken the test (hidden text):

In part 1, I didn't get any of the bible ones, nor the 2nd half of #12, nor #1, which is probably the easiest one in the bunch. There were a few more that were totally obvious that I missed as well (duh!). After we all gave up, we collectively had numbers 1-30, but my brain must work differently because the ones that came easily to me were ones that the others didn't get (and vice-versa). And for some reason, we couldn't get 32 to turn green even though we were sure of the answer...

In part 2, I couldn't for the life of me spell the damned word. Peter and I didn't get 13, 17, 18, 19, 23, and 24. With Google, we found all of the rest of the answers.

No cultural bias, my ass!