Wordpress viewlevel private entries problem

Hey, guys. Private entries haven't been showing up for the majority of registered users. I *think* I've fixed it. If you have an account, you should probably get into the habit of staying logged in. My install of Wordpress doesn't (yet) put in private entry placeholders (which means that you won't get notifications if you're using RSS, either), but I'll hack the plug-in at some point. Also, the Wordpress database upgrade does something strange to users. It maps the old viewlevels to the new user roles, but imported viewlevel 0 users (Subscribers, in the new system) don't get a proper viewlevel if old plug-ins ask for it.

For example, the plug-in I use at the moment still checks for users by viewlevel. All of my imported "Subscriber" users were not able to see my private posts, which are set to be accessible for users with viewlevel 0 or greater. I found that if I used the admin interface to change a user to a Contributor role and then back to Subscriber role, they could suddenly see viewlevel 0 posts.

So there is definitely a state change between imported users and newly created/edited users, even though the admin tool's front end doesn't show any difference. Unfortunately, I can't access the database from my location at the moment, so I can't dig deeper.

If you don't care about any of this and just want a solution (assuming you're one of the 3 people out there who still have to upgrade from b2, and have hacked your own viewlevel-based privacy hack into your install...), you can just set all of your users to Contributors and then back to Subscribers.