Slingbox could be great for travel

Slingbox Inverted

The Slingbox has been getting a ton of media buzz since its introduction into the market, and it's easy to see why. You plug the thing into your video devices at home (Tivo, cable box, DVD player, whatever), and it gives you streaming access to them from any internet connection in the world. As a frequent traveller, it would be really cool to be able to access a TiVo or something from a hotel room in Singapore. It would be even *better* if that TiVo were piggybacked onto a friend's cable connection (since I have no TV signal at home). :) It's too bad I don't watch very much television. Another problem is that my travels usually take me to areas that are only internet-accessible through satellite. Before leaving for a trip into remote locations, I load up my notebook with a bunch of media, which means that I'm always watching old stuff (which is just fine).

Ah well. These products are all going to go away once we start streaming everything on demand, after which there will be no reason to have something at home that records everything to disk.