Oh, to be at The Suck

We love The Suck. Bureaucracy

> Overheard at work, yesterday: "Did you know (pause, for effect) that it's easier to expense shots of whiskey than it is to get more storage?"

> Fire alarm system testing twice a day.

Shit that Doesn't Work

> Lotus Notes

> The Stinky Guy

Office Environment

> A 10°F gradient in a 15 ft. area.

> Constant violation of personal space.*

> Auditory offensiveness.

> Personal hygiene.

> Olfactory offensiveness (#1 issue, for me).* See following conversation.

> Stinky Conversation

> Social freakiness.

* I have photos, and will post, eventually. :)

I never write about the good parts, of which there are a few, including getting to know a few of the guys here, keeping sharp as a coder, hanging out with Peter, and replenishing the coffers.

But I do miss California...