St. Lawrence String Quartet @ Alice Tully

The SLSQ in motion On February 8, the St. Lawrence String Quartet came into town to perform at Alice Tully Hall as part of Lincoln Center's Osvaldo Golijov Festival. Pieces on the program included Golijov's Yiddishbbuk and The Dreams and Prayers of Isaac the Blind (with Todd Palmer), and Schubert's Cello Quintet (with David Finckel). As the SLSQ's biggest fan, I naturally showed up at rehearsal to take a few pictures. Also, this show was probably Barry's last performance with the SLSQ in New York, so I felt that it would be nice for them to have some nice photos on stage. *sniff*

One thing I love about these photos: in the photos of Chris and David playing together, you can see how much cellists love playing the Schubert. While playing, you almost can't help beaming, staring at one-another, and milking the amazing harmonies in the duet. :)