La Pasion Segun San Marcos

After spending the late morning photographing its rehearsal, I finally had the opportunity to see a performance of Osvaldo Golijov's La Pasion Segun San Marcos. I toured the show during its West Coast premiere a few years ago (as a cellist), and I have been dying to see it from the audience ever since. I love the piece. There isn't really much more to say, but those of you who are interested in a description of the piece should go read some reviews. :)

Even though I know the piece really well, it was a somewhat different experience this time due because of a couple of reasons:

1) I'm more familiar with Osvaldo's works as a whole, which helps my understanding and enjoyment of his music.

2) La Pasion prominently features a cowbell. Everytime I heard it, I couldn't help repeating in my head, "more cowbell!" :) :)

Rose Theater was completely sold out, and the audience pretty much lept to its collective feet as soon as Spanos finally let his hands drop. The house went crazy when Ozzie walked up on stage; New York loves him!

Backstage was insane. I said my hellos to the few people I knew -- most of the performers didn't recognize nor remember me -- and finally found Osvaldo to deliver a CD of the images I took during his festival at Lincoln Center. When I found him, he was just finishing up chatting with David Bowie, who was busy fielding a steady stream of people asking him to pose in photos. Bowie seemed really nice and friendly (was full of smiles, and talked to everyone who approached), but I didn't want to bother him. Plus, I had forgotten my camera (believe it!), and I don't really know his music. I would have had to bring up the Labyrinth or something in order to make conversation. :) Michael, (hyper-accordian player) now blames me for the loss of a photo of himself with Mr. Bowie. :)

It was quite the evening, and.a fitting end to the music-filled months I had in New York. After the show, I spent a few hours at home with Al and his friends, and with Tony and Ai-Jen. I finally finished packing at 3am, and slept for an hour and fifteen minutes before heading downstairs to meet the car to the airport. It's back to California now, and even though I only have 16 hours or so before I leave for the Caymans, it will be good to be back.