Land of the big sunglasses

Vienna Teng and me in the bathroom at The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles I spent the weekend of February 11-12 in Los Angeles with Vienna Teng, my sister, and Aaron and Natalie Logan (Chang). I had hoped to be more involved (somehow) in the recording of Vienna's third album, but I have literally been out of town the entire time she has been recording; instead, I spent two days following her around as part of her entourage, documenting a weekend photo shoot.

On Saturday, Vienna, Jeremy (her stylist) and I spend the day roaming around West Hollywood at stores like Mac and Express, and at various litle boutiques on Melrose Ave. I particularly liked a studio shop called Undesigned (in Echo Park), owned and run by designer Carol Young. She puts fabric into a paper press, producing some of the most interesting, tactile patterns I've ever seen on clothing. (She's also very nice -- worth the visit, if you're in the area!).

Most of Sunday was spent at the Wolf's Lair Castle up in the Hollywood hills (there's a big reservoir up there -- I had no idea!), where she was transformed into something quite different than what I am used to. It was amazing to see, actually, and she took to her one-day role as a model quite well! We also spent part of the day in a park, where we crossed a riverbed via fallen log -- funny, because half way through, Jeremy lost his nerve and resorted to straddling the log, inching along to the other side.

I had dinner with Aaron, Natalie, and my sister on Saturday night at an overpriced & trendy Asian/Fusion place. Was great to see them.

LA is a strange place. The further west I went, the more I was weirded out by the locals.