Unstable Swings & Mardi Gras (Little Cayman, Day 3)

leaning backwards can suck sometimes

Megan and Erin arrived last night, and during our day of diving, we were properly introduced to the sheer walls of Bloody Bay Wall (a drop from 18' or so to around 6000' in depth). The sun hits the wall in the afternoon, lighting it up in all of its vertical glory; it's a shame, since it is most often dived in the morning.

Little Cayman celebrated Mardi Gras today by having a cute little parade and jambalaya feast. A dozen or so floats paraded by (constituting probably half of the local population), including one float dedicated to celebrating the state of Texas, complete with huge-breasted women (they used balloons) and repeated calls of, "Hi, y'all!" As each float passed the church, they were judged (by judges, I mean).

I am too tired to write any more. Good night!