HDV/miniDV capture with Windows notebooks

I recently acquired a Sony Z1u HDV camcorder (a beefed-up FX1), and I'm having problems getting my Thinkpad to recognize the camera via firewire. My Dell desktop PC works fine, but connecting the camera to my notebook via firewire yields nothing (with both a LaCie Firewire 800 PC card, and an Orange FireWire Cardbus PC card). The camera recognizes that there is a firewire cable plugged in, but the computer doesn't see the device at all. I also tried plugging in a non-HD miniDV camera, and it didn't work, either. Has anyone out there gotten video capture to work on a Windows notebook that doesn't have a firewire port built in?

Please don't tell me that I have to get a Mac! Although, I probably will, if I get really serious about video.