Luis and Clark carbon fiber cello

While I was in Boston last weekend, I stopped by Louie and Stephanie Leguia's place to check out their line of Luis and Clark carbon fiber violins, violas, and cellos. The reputation of their carbon fiber instruments is good -- and well-deserved. After trying out six of the cellos (and having a home-cooked dinner), I walked away a new owner. It will be a fantastic alternative to my Will Whedbee cello for travel -- and, it's just neat to own something so big made of carbon fiber (the gadget-geek in me is satiated!). :) The cello was shipped to me overnight, and was still in tune when it arrived at my door.

My Luis and Clark cello!

Posing with Louie Leguia

Louie told me I was "the best-sounding photographer he had ever heard." But I'll bet I'm one of the only photographer/cellists he's ever heard, so I shouldn't let it get to my head. :)

By the way, my favorite quote from their website is:

And, as a by-product of the materials, if you play a wrong note and get mad, you can hurl it down from space and it won't disintegrate as it reenters the earth's atmosphere.

Very funny!