Typical 4 days at home

It's a strange situation when time at home seems like a break from normal life. I had a whirlwind 4 days, with most of my time spent hanging out with friends, dealing with a bunch of new gear that arrived all on the same day, and slogging through a neverending TODO list. I'm excited because this next trip to the Bahamas (for sharks, again) will be my first time shooting underwater video. I'll be shooting with a Sony Z1U HDV camera in a Light & Motion Bluefin HD housing, and with a Sony A1u topside.

Since Monday, I've had the fortune of spending time with Cindy, Vienna, Mandy, Elliot, Geoff, and Livia, and I also met Joanna Suan (for the first time), an avid diver girl from Ontario.

Vienna Teng and Livia Sohn at Chow (yum!)

I have a departing ritual with friends who are also out of town a lot. Each time we meet up, we compare notes to see when we'll be in the same place at the same time again. Unfortunately, it will be May before I see Livia and Geoff, but I should overlap with Vienna in late March.

This year is going to be a brutal one for time with friends.