Boston Sea Rovers & Sherry Hsieh

Sherry tries to get her kitties to behave Sherry hosted James Wiseman and me last weekend while we were in Boston for the Sea Rovers' 52nd Clinic (Thank you, Sherry!). I don't get to see Sherry that much, so it was really nice to catch up with her and to finally meet the second of her two cute, friendly kitties (Stella and Simba). Stella is six years old, but looks like a baby because of her tiny head and huge eyes. She acts like a baby, too. Simba is more independent, but you still can hoist him into the air and hold him there forever without a single complaint. I took about a billion photos of them.

Also in the images below are photos of me with Todd Essick, Berkley White, Howard & Michele Hall, and Steve & Hiro Drogin.

I didn't get to see Angie, Jeremy, or Joel this time around. I think abhi moved to Switzerland, so I didn't see him either.