Tiger shark video, Bahamas

*UPDATE* If you are looking for tiger shark videos, I have posted a medley of the best footage I have, compiled from longer clips. This is my first trip shooting video (trip details), and while we're docked here at West End for the evening (running away from bad weather), I thought I'd try uploading a little video snippet. The uploaded video looks pretty bad and it almost pains me to share it this way, but... what the hell. :)

We're at the end of a line hanging from M/V Shear Water (live-aboard dive vessel), in a 2-3 knot current (really ripping). The tiger sharks in this video are between 10 and 14 feet long, and you can see bull sharks swimming around in the background. I got out of the water shortly after this encounter -- I was really at my limits here. From the video, it's not apparent how big these sharks are, and we could barely keep ourselves on the line! I remember thinking (when I jumped in), "hmmm. i wish I had a tether for this new camera system..." ;)

If you can't see the movie below, you can see it at YouTube or at Google Video. Or, you can download a much better version thanks to bandwidth provided by Wags.

See more shark images at my travel page (specifically, check out Bahamas, French Polynesia, Galapagos, and Guadalupe journals).

I'm shooting with a Sony Z1u in a Light & Motion Bluefin HD housing, which has been wonderful so far. It took two dives to get the trim weights set properly, and I already feel at home in the water with it. The housing is stable and nearly neutral, underwater, and (obviously) I've shot much more stable video than represented above. :)

Photo of me, by Alex Mustard

By the way, Adobe Premiere Pro has crappy export features for the web. I exported Quicktime H.264 and then uploaded to YouTube, which further crappified the video. I'm also on a slow connection at the moment. So... apologies for the poor video quality!