More tiger shark videos, Bahamas

fill 'er up! a tiger shark gets a taste to eat.
- Updated: March 25 - I've posted ten eleven videos of our time on the Shear Water in the Bahamas to give you an idea of what diving with large sharks is really like. We spent a lot of time in the water with seven different shark species: tiger sharks, bull sharks, great hammerheads, lemon sharks, caribbean reef sharks, black-tip reef sharks, and nurse sharks.

If you can't play Windows Media 9 video files, have patience! When I get a moment, I'll update this page with different versions of the video (I'm at the airport right now).

Tiger Shark Video, Bahamas
Video: the friendliest tiger shark of the week (the very definition of a "player"), plus tons of lemon sharks. i chose this clip because it shows how calm the sharks are and how close they come to relaxed divers [wmv9 - 7mb]
  Tiger Shark Video, Bahamas
Video: a tiger shark named "kate" swims by with her entourage of cobia [wmv9 - 1.7mb]
Two Tiger Sharks Investigate, Bahamas
Video: camera handling goes out the door when trying to keep tabs on two tiger sharks at the same time. at some point, we are just trying to make sure we're always facing approaching sharks. lemon sharks are everywhere, and we ignore them because they're so docile. oh yeah, the tigers in this video eat some fish and mouth a camera! [wmv9 - 25mb]
  Tiger Shark Surface Wrangling, Bahamas
Video: tiger shark wrangling in the bahamas (shot from the swim step). always watch the shark even after it looks like it's turning away [wmv9 - 7mb] [youtube]
Tiger shark pass in deep water, Bahamas
Video: a large tiger shark makes a pass at dr. alex mustard. dr. mustard stoically does not show fear [wmv9 - 1.4mb] [youtube] [google vid]
  Tiger sharks investigate in strong current, Bahamas
Video: multiple tiger sharks come in to investigate us while we dangle on a line in 3 knot current. we're at the surface and can barely hold on, which makes us feel very exposed... [wmv9 - 4.3mb] [google vid] [youtube]
Bull sharks at Walker's Cay, Bahamas
Video: bull sharks buzz by in the shallows at bull shark beach, walker's cay [wmv9 - 9mb]
  Black-tip reef shark at Walker's Cay, Bahamas
Video: a black-tip reef shark at bull shark beach, walker's cay [wmv9 - 2.5mb]
Black-tip reef shark at Walker's Cay, Bahamas
Video: the amazing maneuverability of a great hammerhead shark [wmv9 - 3mb]
  Black-tip reef shark at Walker's Cay, Bahamas
Video: a tiger shark comes in on a bait line [wmv9 - 5mb]
Black-tip reef shark at Walker's Cay, Bahamas
Video: reef shark and grouper scene [wmv9 - 9mb]

You may also be interested in full-size (but compressed) screen grabs from the above videos. They're interlaced because I haven't figured out (yet) how to grab interpolated screen grabs in Vegas:

[reef scene] [tiger - fast motion at surface 1] [tiger - fast motion at surface 2]
And finally, Bruce Yates has graciously allowed me to use some shots he took of me with the lovely sharks we were shooting:

me, shooting a bull shark

me, surrounded by tiger sharks and lemon sharks

*UPDATE* Stephen Frink has posted an interview of me in Scuba Diving Magazine's PMA 2006 report.