Jellyfish Lake, Palau

jellyfish are cool
I shot this same lake in Palau five years ago on the trip that turned me on to underwater photography (my first trip shooting underwater), and I've wanted to come back here since then to see what I can do now. Enjoying life here, despite the 7am to 10pm work schedule. :)

Palau has been great; during surface intervals between dives, we've been hanging out at a beach on Ulong, which is where the Koror Tribe lived during Survivor Palau. We've also been going to a beach with three palm trees on it, now called "Yahoo! Beach" because Yahoo! filmed a commercial there. Even though we're hanging out at an air-conditioned resort, the rock islands of Palau that are mere minutes away by boat inspire a feeling of remoteness virtually unrivaled by any other destination I've travelled to. Pretty cool, for a place that is serviced by the United States postal system. :)

Hey -- I just did a google search for "jellyfish lake," and i'm the #1 hit!