The Yap post office

a greeting to dan, while mailing a 66 lb 4 oz box from yap
Dan managed to get three large cases out to Palau before Continental's baggage embargo started (bastards!). On the Palau to Yap leg, he managed to get special permission to check the third bag in as cargo, but he was unable to get the thing out of Yap even though we had several business class passengers helping him. So Veitch and I dragged the thing to the post office today and mailed it insured via Express Mail. Total cost to Chicago was $188.40, which isn't so bad, actually. In two days, I have to lug two 60 lb cases through Manila (my favorite airport) to Singapore, and then back to San Francisco through Manila (argh!); I am likely to pay overweight luggage fees on both legs. It is probably worth the money to ship -- assuming I could be sure I'd see my box again. Veitch had some stuff mailed to Yap from the States back in November; one package arrived a week ago, and another never made it.