Pescadero and transient trysts

Lynn stands in front of a stupid marketing decision at an Apple store. I took advantage of one day at home in Oakland (between Singapore/Palau/Yap and San Diego) to drive with Lynn along the windy roads in the foothills just south and west of the 280. Having been thwarted by the closure of devil's slide and traffic on the 92, we finally crossed the mountains on the 84 and ended up at Pescadero Beach, where we collected driftwood and watched cute little birds run back and forth with the crashing waves.

I also had my requisite short hang-out with Vienna and Jim before Vienna left town. I haven't heard the girl sing in nearly 14 months now; recently, we have only been overlapping in the same town by a day or two at a time, and it looks like I may not get to see her again until sometime in June or July.

A month away from home has created a list of things to do a mile long. I've already started crossing them out one by one...

Also in this post: photos of hanging out with Sarah Kemble in Oakland's Chinatown.