ADEX 2006 - Asia Dive Expo

ADEX 2006
Matthew Oldfield (Scubazoo), Peter Mooney (Scubapix), Stephen Wong,
Eric Cheng, and Simon Christopher (Scubazoo)
I just realized that I never posted details about my time at the Asia Dive Expo in Singapore (last weekend of April). I wrote up a report for Wetpixel.
I spent much of my time at ADEX with the FiNS crew (Tony Wu, Edmund Tee, Paul Lees), Jason Heller (DivePhotoGuide), Peter Mooney (Scubapix), the Scubazoo boys (Simon Christopher, Jason Isley, and Matthew Oldfield), En-Lai Yeoh (AP), Stephen Wong, Takako Uno, William Tan, Wetpixel members Cor Bosman, Julie Edwards, Paul Ng, Lena Goh, and Mathieu Meur, and folks representing diving in Papua New Guinea (Vilia Lawrence, Max Benjamin, and others)...

I know -- no one cares... but it's posting it here makes it easier for me to find later on. :)