Catherine Gowen visits

Hanging out in front of Chez Panisse Catherine came through town a few weeks ago, and she, her lovely friend Amanda Hawn, Amanda's boyfriend and I had a couple of nice meals together. After dinner one evening, I had tea with Catherine at her old-fashioned hotel in the middle of San Francisco, and we both felt like we might have been sitting there in the 20s. At a table across the room, two older women sat around, one completely covered in sequins and the other in white fur. I even got a shot of me posing by a life-sized painting of a dude holding a cigar. It was definitely not my version of San Francisco! :)

I first met Catherine Gowen in Palau, where she and her husband Jaxie were participants in the Digital Shootout 2006. Jaxie proved to be formidable with his camera and won 1st place in the "Traditional Macro" category in the shootout. What was more impressive is that he managed to win despite virtually nonexistent skills in computer and Photoshop use!