Life: 1 | Eric: 0

I think I'm being told I need more sleep. Livia and I went out to King of Thai Noodle House tonight (the one on Clement) after aborting an attempt to eat at Burma Superstar (which Lynn, Ray, and Jack had all raved about for about 5 minutes one evening). The food was wonderfully yummy and cheap! I feel stuffed.

After dinner, I caught up on correspondence and other miscellaneous stuff at Livia's place while she packed up for a summer full of music travel. I never get to see my musician friends during summers because they're all off at various festivals (back-to-back!). Of course, I'm pretty much gone all of June and July as well, so it works both ways.

ANYWAY, while I was in San Francisco, I realized that I couldn't find one of my credit cards. It's probably at the restaurant we ate at two nights ago, but they were closed by the time I discovered the loss, so I'm stuck in information limbo until tomorrow. Strike one.

After I drove home, I made a quick stop at the mailbox before coming upstairs. After half and hour, I realized that I had left my mobile phone in the car. Walked three flights down to the garage and retrieved it. Strike two.

Opened the fridge to get some water, and thought, "hmmm. where did those left-overs go?" Walked down to the garage and looked in the car, but they weren't there. Walked back up here and opened the fridge again. Was confused. Did my left-overs just vanish?? Strike three.

Finally, I walked down to the mailboxes and found them sitting there in one of the cubbies.

Whatever's after strike three can't be good. But at least I have a lunch to eat, tomorrow. :)

I'm not normally a forgetful guy, but my brain is too full these days -- and not with knowledge nor wit, either. Instead, it's become stuffed full of unfinished business I want to take care of before I leave.