8 hours in London

It truly is a small world. As I was boarding my flight to London, I heard someone yell out, "Eric! Eric Cheng!". Charlene Chen emerged out of the crowd waiting to board and waved at me. Charlene is on her way to Croatia via London, and after being shuffled around on the flight (to accomodate families travelling together), we somehow ended up sitting next to one another for the duration of the flight. I sat next a baby, whose bottle spontaneously squirted me with milk.

"I hope that's not breast milk!" I exclaimed. Luckily, it wasn't. :)

When we arrived, I decided to head out into London to hang out with Charlene and Tony for my 8 hour layover. After a failed attempt to find Hyde Park on foot, we ended up walking down Oxford St. to get Charlene a pair of flip flops before visiting the National Gallery and strolling through St. James Park.

From a Californian's standpoint, London's fashion was bizarre. Many of the young women were dressed in what can only be described as 30% white trash and maybe 20% 80s, wearing long t-shirts with belts over them (often with a bonus exposed shoulder), thick eyeliner, and eyeshadow, and much more. I couldn't stop staring.

My allergies are killing me here. It's driving me nuts.