Spiga d'Oro, Florida Rd., Durban

Giles Shaxted and I just returned to our hotel from dinner at Spiga d'Oro on Florida Rd. (in Durban, South Africa). The food was excellent, and we sat out on the sidewalk in perfect weather. I enjoy outdoor seating, but the sidewalk seating on Florida Rd. is weird; most outdoor seating I've seen involves some sort of view, often as simple as a few more restaurants on the other side of the street. Florida Rd. is one-sided, and there is nothing but parking and darkness on the other side. An "official" parking marshall guy was running around the street waving frantically and generally getting in the way while people were trying to park, and a local vagrant sat himself down in a chair at the end of the row of tables and tried to sell trinkets while being minorly belligerent. I'm not sure how big Durban is, but on that 3-block stretch of restaurants it seemed that everyone somehow knew each other. There was a group of drunken kids slurring, male hugging/slapping/bonding (a side effect of the World Cup and alcohol, no doubt), and making a lot of noise -- something I wasn't ready for after 30 hours of travelling.

We leave tomorrow for the north coast, where the sardines run.