Sardine Run Update

bronze whaler sharks in a small bait ball
The Wetpixel Sardine Run group has been having great luck so far. We haven't had any big bait balls yet, but both days we've been able to go out (2 of 4), we've had small bait balls and tons of dolphin, whale, and ganet activity. Pods of a hundreds of common and bottlenose dolphins surround us as we drive around in the huge swells off of the eastern cape of South Africa. This is extreme diving at its finest. More photos at a Wetpixel post I made.

I have sporadic e-mail access, so write me life updates (no large attachments, please!). Yesterday, I took my Blackberry up in a microlight (hang glider with an engine) to download all my mail. :)

*UPDATE* A bunch of photos uploaded to the Wetpixel thread.