Alone with penguins

african penguins exit the water, triumphant
After a day out on the water photographing great white sharks with Chris & Monique Fallows (of Air Jaws fame), I walked down the road to the African penguin colony on Boulder Beach (I think that's what it is called). All of the other tourists have left, leaving me sitting on the boardwalk alone with the penguins. The only sounds I can hear are the waves crashing and juvenile penguins squeaking and braying (they used to be called "Jackass penguins" because of the sound they make).

boulder beach

It's around sunset, and penguins have just finished beaching themselves in frantic waves. They are so graceful and fast in the water, porpoising in at full speed toward land; once they hit sand however, they tumble around in the tiny surf while desperately trying to stand up and waddle in to the safety of the beach. It's fun to watch. :)

penguins shoot through the surf toward the beach

penguins waddle up the beach from the water

While the other tourists were around, I was assaulted by the usual barrage of questions catalyzed by the presence of my huge camera and lens combo.

"Are you a professional photographer?"

"Look at that lens!" (whispered)

"How much did it cost?"

Even though you can easily look up the cost of photographic equipment, it's awkward to have to tell someone how much a lens or pro SLR body costs. I usually give a vague answer and try to avoid eye contact thereafter. It's annoying, and I'm glad they're gone.

And now, the 35 minute walk home...

a lone penguin poses

penguins are funny when they walk

juvenile penguin